Russian Post FSUE

The Development and Implementation of Automated Systems for Payroll Accounting and Human Resources

Russian Post, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise, provides postal services throughout the Russian Federation. The enterprise has more than 80 branch offices with about 42,000 outlets, including over 40,000 postal service centres and somewhere in the order of 1,000 general post offices.

The management of Russian Post set the task in 2010 of developing and implementing an automated system for personnel, current, business and tax accounting based on the “1C: Enterprise 8” platform. The winner of the competition that they held was ALP-IS LLC, a member company of the ALP Group.

The development of an automated system was successfully completed in 2011, and in the same year the system was implemented in 16 Russian Post branch offices. For 2011-2012 the client plans to implement the automated system all told in 67 Russian Post branches, with the active participation of ALP Group.